Article by Siti Nur Rabiatul Nabilah binti Ramasami, Year 11 Blessed 2017

On 11th March 2017, my school which is Awang Semaun Secondary School was invited by the Jerudong International School to come over and watch their music concert. Only selected students from my school were chosen by our principal to be representatives. For us the year 11s, it was according to our results from last year. Selected were myself and two other year 11 students among the 21 other students from Drama, English Literature and Media club students. We were accompanied by our teachers, Mr Syaf, Teacher Nisa, Sir Arif and Sir Rizal.

With an excited feeling we departed at 8.11am from school and arrived at Jerudong International School at 8.55am, which means it took us about 44 minutes to get there, which also mean that there’s quite a distance between our schools.

Briefing given by a JIS representative

As soon as we arrived, we were given a short briefing from one of the JIS representatives that was in-charge of this showcase. After the briefing, we were given a ticket each for our seats inside the hall at the Arts Centre. During the performance I was amazed by the wonderful and memorable performances that was performed by each performer. In addition, the performances were a success because of the musicians led by a talented conductor.

Sadly the time flowed faster than usual. The showcase ended at 11.00am. After the performance I felt that this show was really worth watching, especially to come from far. At 12.30 we arrived back in school and our teachers asked us what did this trip tell us and if we would like to go if our school was invited again. We replied that this trip told us that we all have talents no matter how old we are as long as we are not afraid to come out from the box and that we believe that we can do the impossible.

And of course we would like to go there again because it was really fun. It was such a memorable trip. Thank you to our principal for the opportunity and especially Jerudong International School!

Group photo inside the hall


One of the performances by the talented group of students

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