30 Minute Silent Reading for World Book Day 2016


In an effort to improve the school’s reading culture, Sekolah Menengah Awang Semaun is taking part in a World Book Day 2016 celebration, organized by the English Department of SMAS, joining the World Book Day 2016 festival from the United Kingdom. Today, 3 March 2016 marks the soft celebration of the upcoming 23 April 2016 International Book & Copyright Day. This year will be the 19th celebration and the school is celebrating the day by a silent reading for 30 minutes.

The day saw participation from all over the school. Students can be seen reading silently in their classrooms, teachers reading in the staffroom and staff lounge and even the non-teaching staff joined in by spending the morning reading silently in the school library. It is a positive step towards a better reading culture in SMAS with the hope that everyone will have an improved appreciation of books and its value.

A geography teacher taking part in the silent reading with her students

A geography teacher taking part in the silent reading with her students

The silent reading is among the many steps the school is taking to encourage students to read. The school has started a school wide library period co-organized by the school librarians, English department and the Bahasa Melayu department. The library period aims to give students awareness of the use of the library, to teach them the process of borrowing books and at the same time making sure that all students in the school owns a library card and know what is available in the library.

SMAS is on a journey towards a better reading culture among staff members and students and the celebration will only grow bigger as we get closer to 23 April 2016. So while we wait for that day, we invite everyone to grab a book and read as many as you can as we approach the International Book and Copyright Day 2016.


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