Members of the Students’ Council leading the Tahlil prayer at the Lobby.

12 June 2014, SMAS – Armed with pails, broomsticks and scrap papers, Semaunians marched their way to their classrooms this morning in an effort to tidy things up spick-and-span. Windows were wiped to brilliance, no rubbish was left behind and all desks and chairs were stacked along the walls to symbolise the end of term two the longest term of the year.


Busy as bees

“Cleanliness Carnival”, a moniker used in lieu of the cliche Cleaning Campaign was held today in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of formal education in Brunei Darussalam. Community of SMAS lived up to their reputation as depicted in their school song that goes “Teachers, students hand-in-hand work together in all fields”. Everybody was in high spirit as the school concludes it session for this term.


It’s all about TEAMWORK!

Prior to the Cleanliness Carnival, a Tahlil ceremony was held inside the classrooms led by Awang Ahsanuddin and Awang Hafiz of the Students’ Council who read the prayer through the PA system. Watch the footage here. 


Cikgu Norazlinah giving final touches to her class

Term Two holiday will commence tomorrow, Friday June 13 until Sunday 22 June. SMAS schooling session will resume Monday 23 June 2014. Meanwhile Year 11 students who will be sitting for their O Level Qualifying Examinations will be coming to school during the holiday for their revision class. The O Level Qualifying Examinations will kickstart in the first week of the Third Term. 

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