29 May 2014, MPH – As the dates of the Students’ Progress Examination and the Brunei-Cambridge General Certificate of Examination ‘Ordinary’ Level draw closer, efforts to prepare our candidates intensify. Today, parents of candidates sat together with teachers to discuss the progress of their children and strategies that can be adopted to help them peak perform during the exams.

For the O level students, thoughts have been fixed on their Pre-Qualifying exams results for consideration of their custodians. Pre-Qualifying exams is a mock Qualifying exams held last April to adept the Year 11 and 10A (Express O level) students in the pressure of the actual O level examinations which will begin in August. Results of this exam is the heart of the discussions in the meet.

Some 400 parents and guardians attended the Parents-Teacher Meet held in the afternoon at the Multi-Purpose Hall.

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