29 May 2014, BTEC FACULTY – The Faculty of Brunei Technical Education Certificate (BTEC) this afternoon opened its door to parents of its students. The BTEC Open Day was held at its own newly established faculty located at the ground floor of the Multi-Purpose Hall.

Days leading to the Open Day, students and teachers of the faculty had spent countless hours to prepare for the faculty’s premier debut. A mini exhibition displaying students’ projects was put up and parents also had the opportunity to interact with BTEC teachers to get more information about the courses offered in the faculty and the programme pathways.

Despite the energy and hours put in, the Open Day culminated with about 20 parents out of the anticipated 200 turning up that afternoon leaving both teachers and students of the faculty crestfallen but determine to seek better ways to attract parents to come to similar events in the future.

SMAS Management continues to close ties with its stakeholders in its relentless pursuit to a better cooperation between the two parties.

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